DPP May 27th Chair Election Results

DPP Secretary-General Su Jia-chyuan held a press conference to announce the results of the May 27th Chair Election, reporting that Former Premier Su Tseng-chang became the winner with 55,894 votes, achieving a majority of 50.47%. He also reported that voter turnout for this election was 68.62%, saying that this showed the party members’ active enthusiasm in expressing through their votes their concern for the party’s development.

DPP Acting Chair Chen Chu issued a statement congratulating Mr. Su Tseng-chang, also expressing gratitude to the other candidates Mr. Trong Chair, Mr. Su Huan-chih, Mr. Hsu Hsing-liang and Mr. Wu Rong-yi for showing a democratic spirit in this election. She expressed in the statement that she had confidence that Mr. Su Tseng-chang will be able to lead the DPP forward, asserting her expectations that the public will continue to support of the party under Chair Su’s leadership for a better Taiwan.

Accounting the vote tally for the remaining candidates, Mr. Trong Chai received 12,497 votes (11.28%); Mr. Su Huan-chih 23,281 votes (21.02%); Mr. Hsu Hsing-liang 2,763 votes (2.49%); and Mr. Wu Rong-yi 16,315 votes (14.73%).

Secretary-General Su also expressed his congratulations to all the candidates for showing a democratic spirit and for expressing different viewpoints for the future of the party and for Taiwan. He lastly expressed gratitude to all party members and the staff in each DPP branch for ensuring that voting day went-on smoothly and peacefully.

The DPP’s Chair Election was combined with the election of chairs for the party’s nationwide and overseas branches. A total of 29 branch chairs were elected for 21 local branches in Taiwan, 7 branches overseas and 1 chair as a representative of the labor group.

Central Standing Committee Hsu Chia-ching, who resides over this time’s election subcommittee, reported that the election for branch chairs also went smoothly with a high turnout of party members voting for their local party leaders. She said that the DPP showed the essence of a modern party by successfully organizing a peaceful and smooth elections nationwide.

Below is a summary of the DPP Chair Election results:

1. Su Tseng-chang 55,894 - 50.47%
2. Su Huan-chih 23,281 - 21.02%
3. Wu Rong-yi 16,315 - 14.73%
4. Trong Chai, 12,497 - 11.28%
5. Hsu Hsing-liang 2,763 - 2.49%