Chair Su praises DPP-LI cooperation with visit of LI deputy vice president

DPP Chair Su Tseng-chang greeted Dr. Juli Minoves, Liberal International’s deputy vice president, on his first visit to Taiwan and to the DPP Headquarters on March 7.

Liberal International, headquartered in London, is the world association of liberal democratic parties around the world. The DPP is a full member of LI.

In his remarks, Chair Su praised the good relations between DPP and LI over the years, saying that he hopes the DPP’s active participation in LI can expand the shared values of democracy in Taiwan.

Chair Su also bid well wishes to Dr. Minoves, who plans to run for the LI presidency seat in the next congress to be held in Rotterdam this upcoming April after current president MEP Hans van Baalen completes his term. He further said that based on the common values shared by both sides, he hopes Dr. Minoves can continue supporting Taiwan’s international participation.

Chair Su further said that the DPP appreciates LI for adopting two resolutions in support of Taiwan during his chairmanship. The first resolution was passed at the LI Congress held in Cote d’Ivoire in October of 2012, appealing the Taiwan government to grant a medical parole to Former President Chen Shui-bian. The second resolution was passed at LI's Executive Committee in Guatemala in October of 2013, in which LI expressed concerns over the use of illegal wiretapping, calling for the Taiwan government to exercise judicial independence.

“From these resolutions, the DPP at the Legislative Yuan was able to raise draft amendments to the law and complete the necessary reforms,” Chair Su reported to Dr. Minoves.

Since LI’s foundation more than 60 years ago, LI has shown concern over freedom and human rights all over the world. From this support, Chair Su said, “Taiwan has also benefited and we are extremely grateful and pay the highest respect to LI.”

Dr. Minoves said that as he is completing his Asian tour, this is the first time that he has ever visited Taiwan. He praised Taiwan’s developments in human rights and democracy, saying that Taiwan is a model for the rest of the Asian countries.

Chair Su presented Dr. Minoves with a framed picture of him sitting at a panel at the 191st Executive Committee of LI in Guatemala.

For more information about Liberal International, please visit: http://www.liberal-international.org/