Tsai Ing-wen is elected new party chair on May 25 by party members

 The DPP has announced that Ms. Tsai Ing-wen will become the next party chair as a result of party member elections held on Sunday, May 25. 

Ms. Tsai garnered 93.7% or 85,410 total votes. The opposing candidate, Mr. Kuo Tai-Lin received 5,734 votes (6.29%). 

According to DPP Spokesperson Chang Tun-han, a total of 143,527 party members voted, making this time's voter turnout to be 65.13%. 

Outgoing Chair Su Tseng-chang said the election process for party chair went smoothly, and he was happy to see party members show their democratic principles. He encouraged the candidates to work together in order to face the challenges ahead.

Elections for chairs of each branch and party representatives at the National Party Congress were also held.