DPP consistent in defending Taiwan's sovereignty, including situation with Japan over National Palace Museum exhibit

Concerning the National Palace Museum exhibit in Japan, in which the Japanese side removed the word “national” in their promotional materials, Chair Tsai Ing-wen at first instance on June 20 issued a declaration expressing that the Ma administration must be consistent in its affirmation of the country’s sovereignty, and at the same time she affirmed the government’s response and measures concerning this international situation.

Chair Tsai had further emphasized that under all kinds of situations in which the country’s sovereignty faces similar treatment, the government must clearly express its standpoint, and it must also employ the same standard when issuing a response regardless of which country Taiwan faced with.

Regrettably, KMT Spokesperson Charles Chen I-hsin ignored or did not make himself aware of Chair Tsai’s remarks immediately after the incident, and on June 21st accused the DPP of shying away from making comments because it concerned Japan. President Ma Ying-jeou also publicly accused on June 24th that opposition parties tended to disregard national dignity when it concerned Japan. KMT Spokesperson Chen’s and President Ma’s statements were in contradiction to the DPP long-term standpoint on defending Taiwan’s sovereignty and status regardless of which country was involved, whether China or Japan. The DPP solemnly expresses regret over this kind of divisive statements made by the Ma administration.