Declaration of the 16th DPP National Party Congress - Clean and Diligent Governance: Pushing Forwards with New Reform

Declaration of the 16th DPP National Party Congress
The 16th session of the Democratic Progressive Party’s National Party Congress was held today (July 20) at the Taipei International Convention Center. The following is the declaration that was jointly agreed upon at the session:

Clean and Diligent Governance: Pushing Forwards with New Reform

Three decades ago, we broke the chains of authoritarianism and planted the seeds for freedom and democracy. Now we’re being called upon to again do what is right: to shoulder the challenge for laying a strong foundation for Taiwan’s future – so that our next generation can look confidently to a future without fear or anxiety.

The Taiwanese youth demonstrated, through their love and dedication to Taiwan’s democracy and freedom during the Sunflower Movement in March, that the hopeful seeds of Taiwan’s future are indeed flourishing. The strength they displayed in defending those ideals also once again reminded us – that our own efforts must continue, in spite of the challenges and the difficulties we face.

For this, we must become more responsive. We must strengthen our understanding of what this generation expects of us and what the people need; and we must strengthen our commitment to freedom and democracy. All of this will be essential to lead our country past these challenging times and lay the firm foundations for peace, prosperity and freedom that are needed for Taiwan’s future.

In order to reach this objective, our first task is to win the upcoming year-end elections. We’ll endeavor to bring our tried and proven brand of local governance to every corner of this country. And through dialogue, we’ll unite the positive forces of society together. A victory in the 7-in-1 elections will transform this country and allow the Taiwanese people to enjoy the freedom and quality of life they so rightly deserve.

The Taiwanese people have the right to a better life. Through our efforts and past achievements, we have every confidence that through the DPP, Taiwan can truly become a better place.